Rome – youth employment conference.


Hey guys!!!

My Experiences of being at my second European youth conferences as the Irish repasentive on youth employment was a very positive experience. I was really looking forward to the event as I feel it was a great opportunity to share my thoughts and indeed the thoughts of the youth of Ireland. Also give an insight as to what is happening in Ireland around certain initiatives ie the “youth garintee” Irelands take on this initiative took the panal by surprise and aslo the rest of the delegation, I found the feedback quite interesting.

I met some amazing like minded people who also have the drive and determination to try and influences decisions on what is happening in there countries and indeed try to encourage the government to stop talking and act now as youth employment is a grown concern at a national and international level, this hole idea of the media and the government saying we have a action plan for jobs and its all going to be fine and the young people who will be future leaders have nothing to worrie about. I personally find this quite laughable because according to the panal that we had deccesions with on Friday is that the future is quite bleek youth employment is going to get worse before it gets better this I feel is quite frightening.

Equal opportunities came up quite a lot over the 3 days it would seem that employers tend to over look the skill level of young people under the age of 30 who have Experience now this experience would be from non-formal education that they have built up over a number of years however this is not recognised by the labour market or employers all because its classed as not haveing “real experience of working in a shop or office etc”.It then comes down to #youthincrisis all because they are not giving the chance to prove they can work hard and be good at it. I hear it all to often where young people apply for a job and all they get back is sorry you’re experience is not relevant to this position.

What is being asked for is that quality and sustainable employment is a high priority, internships that last 6 months and then there is no job after it this not ok, job bridge where company’s are exploding people and having them work full time hours for just an extra €50 is not ok we need to invest in Sustainable jobs I think its safe to say our government take on this is a failed attempt and young people have certainly lost alot of respect in them for that but not only that it is a huge confidence knock for young people who can’t get employment and have tired and tired.

A quote that I has really stuck with me form the event was “there is a job of every person and a person for every job”

I feel in the last year not much has happened in Ireland in relation to youth employment, sustainability is hard to come by, may I add a personal story, I’ve not being able to get a job I feel I have the soft skills and quite a lot of experience but this doesn’t seem to make any difference! Why??? I now plan on actively following up on what was discussed at this event I feel I could influence some decisions, if I approach it in the correct way.

I would like to thank the National youth council of Ireland for choosing me as there representative for this event.

I hope you like this blog and find it some what intoresting and imforative. As always if you have any questions or feedback about this blog post please do get in touch.

Vanessa Mulhall


Pixipots packs.


Hey guys,

I have been thinking of different ways to improve pixipots, make them more unique and possibly open up to a bigger target market.

My latest idea is to sell Pixipots as a (DIY) do it yourself pot this would be more aimed a young children. They are going to be called pixipots packs and what you get in them will be a painted pot, which ever color you like and some stickers to design the pot which then turns it into a pixipot, included in this pack will be the letter’s that are in your son or daughters name this will had to the uniqueness and the pixipot will also personalised to the design the children like.

These pixipots packs will also be selling for €6.50 so still quite reasonable, they would also make quite the unique Christmas gift for little one’s in life.

As always I hope you found this interesting, I welcome your feedback and comments.

Thank you
Vanessa Mulhall

Busy pixi lately!!!!


Hey guys!!!!!

I know its been a long time since I blogged so please let me update you  on all things new with #teampixi.

Since I last blogged I have been working alongside some awesome enterpeneurs who wanted to “play it forward” and establish a networking group that’s aim was to take collective action to generate sales and show support for all members…..what’s so different about this group you say, that’s just it where a small group with huge ambitious to sussed and assist this group that went from 8 people who came together and make it happen  3 months ago now has 250 unbelievable supportive business minded people I really must mention the fantastic Ray and Fionnuala who have worked tireless to make things happen along with a fabulous committe, this group has brought networking and building connections to a hole new level and all evolved from 1 questions What’s in the BAG??? I speak about this group because I feel it is an amazing support we recently had our Launch and we all found out we had the amazing inspiring business woman that is Ramona for our president!!!!!

A lot of you may know my story so I’m not going to repeat myself there is something I’d like to share though, in 2011 I set out on journey with pixipots it really has been a rollacoster but very fun I’ve met a massive amount of business people and learnt so much from them which I am so greatful for!!! I set my mini company up with the help of what I think is a fantastic programme called NFTE it gives such helpful assists to young people and outstanding opportunities. Since I have set up I have volunteered with other young people to help them do the same it is brilliant seeing what they come up with their inspiring. Between Friday and Saturday I spent two days at a training developing the skills to deliver this program I am now a CET Certified Entrepreneur Teacher, im a firm believer in eveyone should be giving a chance and if they are innovative or creative god knows what they come up with. Today I was also a guessed speaker at the training I felt it was a great opportunity to get the message access the effect the programme had on me and I also shared my passion for pixipots and business…..what made it even more memorable someone said to me your so inspiring, I’m not one to blow my trumpet but when I hear this it makes me feel amazing, like anything is possible if you but your mind to it never give up and HAVE fun!!!!!

Last but not least I’d love to share with you all that I’m starting college on Monday in Maynooth University I could not be more excited also can not belive it is really happening.

Hope you all have enjoyed this blog and as ever welcome your feedback.

Thank you
Vanessa Mulhall

pixipots price’s and range.



Hey Peeps,

Many of you have asked me, what sizes are my pixipots and what is my price range i thought it would be a good idea to do a blog post about my range so here it is short and simple!!!!!!

Small pixipots 11 cm are €3.50

Medium pixipots 15 cm are €6.50

Large pixipots 23 cm are €12.00

Extra Large pixipots 30 cm are €21.50

I  am now working on designing out door plant pots are i have got quite alot of inquires about them, if you would like a pixipot please do get in touch, as always i welcome your feedback. You can connect with me through the following…

Thank you

Vanessa Mulhall










































Teacher’s Gift’s








Hey Guys, 


Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and looking forward to the week ahead. 

Summer is more or less upon us we have had some good weather this week, this also means one thing and that is school children and nearly on there summer holidays, many parents struggle to come up with gift idea’s to buy for teacher’s as a end of year gift! Fear not I have got my first order for a custom trailered pixipot that is for a teacher, I can put their name on it and also the name of who it is from so please don’t stress over going shopping for a gift for your son or daughters teacher let me create a Bespoke an indoor plant pot/desk tidy for them such an unque gift to receive and at a reasonable price.

I hope you found this blog post interesting, as always I welcome feedback so please feel free to get in touch, If you would like to order a pixipot you can connect with me through the following links.

I look forward to hearing from you, sharing is caring.

Thank you

Vanessa Mulhall

pixipots happenings







Hey guys!!!!

It has been awhile since I posted a blog as I’ve been kept busy doing different things for pixipots, Anyway!! Here is what I have been up to.

Bizpartyinspires conference

Last month I attended a conference in the Green isle hotel here I was joined my many other enterpeneurs who some I have spoke to before and met while other’s I was meeting for the first time, I think this conference was brilliant got amazing tips on blogging, time management and learned about the difference of having to completely different business. I also got to listen to the amazing Joanne Sweeney-Burke foundering of media box such an inspiring woman, janson o Reilly from pride watches gave an inspirational talk about his journey in business which brilliant and very funny.

Youth enterpeneirship awards.

The day after the conference I attended the youth enterpeneirship awards in the helix these are for young people who took part in the Foroige NFTE program in the last year some as young as 12 up to 18 graduated from this program, there were also some inspiring people speaking at this such a fellow young entrepreneur Heather she spoke about her business and all she has done she also gave tips to all in attends to keep going with here business who knows what could happen. Finally we got to hear a brilliant talk from Daniel Ramamourthy who is an Entrepreneur, start up and radio presenter Daniel spoke to us about achieving Our goals and reaching our full potential.

Ireland’s best young Entrepreneur.

Yesterday I was at the Launch of Ireland’s best young entrepreneur here I was joined my 5 other young Entrepreneur and Mr Enda Kenny and Mr Burton and Mr perry we had the chance to speak to them about our business and have our 5 minutes of fame, I think this is a brilliant idea as there are other programs out there for under 18s so this could be the next step for any Entrepreneur I think it was brilliant for me to be there as it was a great experience.

As allways I welcome your feedback to any of my blogs and I hope you enjoyed reading.

Vanessa Mulhall


My Voice My MEP video screening

ImageHey Guy’s!!!!!!

I haven’t blogged in awhile because their has been so much going on here with pixipots, with finishing up college, to speaking at international conference about pixipots and attending a business fair in the red cow it really is all go and very enjoyable. 

Another project that I have been involved in was to be part of making a video that its aim would be to get over voice and thoughts across to candidates running in the European Elections, we all had one isses that we were passionate about and that is the topic we asked our question on. Around 20+ people from Dublin,Galway, Cork and Belfast came together to voice concerns of issues facing young people in Ireland and we want to find out what if any thing the candidates can do to help.

This was all made possible as it was an idea put forward my the European Movement organisation, Young Irish film makers who filmed us and Alan Hayes who worked with us to get us thinking of our questions and neil who help make it all happen.

The screenings of this video is happening quite soon people are welcome to come along and see the video, MEPs will also be invited to the screenings and there will be a question and answers and the end. The time and venues are as follows

Dublin Tuesday 29 of April, the screen cinema, Townsend Street Dublin 2 7pm-8.30pm

Galway 30th April, IMC Galway Retail Park Headford road, Galway 7pm-8.30pm

Cork 12th May, the Gresham metropole, curtain street Cork, 7pm-8.30pm

Belfast 13th May, the Mac theatre, St Anne’s Street Square, Belfast 7pm-8.30pm

It would be much appreciated, if you could attend any of these screening, as it would be very informative for all who will be there on the different day’s.

As always I welcome feedback on any of my blog’s I hope you enjoyed reading this one and if you could share that would be very much appreciated to.

Thank you

Vanessa Mulhall

#IrishBizParty Member!!!!!!



I haven’t done a blog in awhile so I thought I would write one thanking my network that I depend so much on.  I am so grateful for coming across such amazing people online. #Irishbizparty is a networking platform that comes to life on a Wednesday evening form 9-11 founded by @TweetingGoddess or Samantha Kelly.

#IrishbizParty is all about building connections I have got a lot out of being a member and getting to know so many other people that other wise I would have never met, to be honest I’m a quite a shy person a when I would meet you for the 1st time it would take me awhile to come around But!!!! I  have met quite a few people that I  had spoke to over on #Twitter and #irishbizparty  I can say they are just as nice, kind and welcoming as they are online this to me makes networking so much easier and 100% more fun.

I’ve got so many tips from theses wonderful bunch of people that it has differently made #pixipots improve by miles. Each week a #StarBiz is chosen they give out tips tricks and gain more followers and advertisement…………If your in business but not on Twitter or haven’t joined into #Irishbizparty i strongly recommend you do……… I’m delighted I did, I have even got a new logo design from @unahealydesign connection I have made on Twitter.



Thank you 🙂

Vanessa Mulhall

Remember me!!!!!

Hey guys!!!

I wrote this poem when i was in 4th year in school, Bullying is something that is spoke about quite alot and many people are effected by this issue I taught i would share with you a poem about bullying that i entered into a  competition in my old school 4 years ago.

Remember me?
I am the girl that wanted friendship.
The girl you turned away.
I was the one who asked you if I could play too.
I was the face at the window when your birthday party was inside.
I was the lonely fiqure that walked home and cried.
I was the one who you used as your punchbag. 
I was the one you threw tables at.
And slagged me until the day’s end.
But how strange is the change after time has gone by. 
Four years have passed since then. 
Now I’m not so quick to stop and cry. 
I’m bigger and I’m stronger now I’ve grown up.
Suddenly I’m a new person with good people around me. 
I could, if I wanted, be so unkind to you but I don’t have it in me. 
The memory of my pain holds back the revenge. 
And instead I feel much stronger by offering you my hand.
I bet you can’t even look me in the eye. 
Remember me?
I hope you find this interesting bullying is such a powerful action weather it is done online, over the phone or indeed peer to peer. As always i welcome comments you can connect with me on……
Thank you
Vanessa Mulhall

The power of young peoples voice.




Hey guys,

Last week i attended a focus group in the department of Children and youth affairs which was organised by the National youth council of Ireland. Through out the afternoon we discussed entrepreneurship in young people and also in the general public. This focus group was attended by myself and other young entrepreneurs from Dublin, Mayo and Cork. there were three different sheets similar to the picture above that we wrote our ideas on and how we thought they could work and how can they could go about doing the ideas that we suggested these included topic such as.

– Education system changing

– Access to funding made easier to start ups

– Mentors/ us being mentors to new start ups

– Government showing interest or more interest.

– How businesses can be social responsible while still making money.

-How businesses can be encouraged more to recycle and used recycled material.

– Advertisement (papers-Media) 

We discussed so much more the energy in the room really was electric as we are all very passionate about what we do and how we would like to help others to.

Another thing that i got the opportunity to do  last week was speak to a reporter from England that got in contact with me he wanted to hear my thoughts on the Irish economy i was delighted to be able to get this opportunity as i thought it was very unusual for someone to actually interview me ‘haha’ the power of #Teampixi is amazing.

Here is what i said and the link to  view it………

For some, including Vanessa Mulhall, the optimism is taking hold. The 19-year-old college student has started a business making decorative plant pots that she hopes to turn into a full-time profession. “I think the economy is trying to turn itself around,” she says. “I’m going to stick it out. I don’t like the talk of leaving a country that I’ve grown up in … I’m a very optimistic person.”…/irela…/article16402437/

I hope you like this blog guys and enjoyed learning a little bit more about the person behind ‘Pixipots’ I hope to hear from you soon with your order for a uniquely designed bespoke indoor pant pot that has many different uses.

I’m going to leave you with a quote that i heard last week form Fergal Quinn ‘If you say you can or you cant do something your right’ be positive be unique and most important be yourself.

Thank you 

Vanessa Mulhall